Residents helped themselves after brewery truck loses control on R60 between Robertson & Worcester.

Residents helped themselves after brewery truck loses control on R60 between Robertson & Worcester.

After the brewery truck lost control on the R60 between Robertson and Worcester, the locals were unable to contain their excitement and couldn’t keep their voices down. It seems incomprehensible that people would leave you to die in a vehicle accident while they searched you and took your possessions, and this is a situation that breaks my heart.

The locals made the decision to rob a brewery truck rather than assist the driver in freeing himself from the vehicle. It is quite evident that alcohol will always continue to be the single most important item in the lives of some people.

Because it does not in any way demonstrate support for other people, this whole process ought to be put to an end. Because it seems like this is becoming the new normal, we don’t even know where we could possibly get away from all of this.

Because of this, you will find that some people believe that those individuals who are capable of accomplishing that ought to be arrested. Several mourners are heard sobbing and expressing their desire to have been present for the events in question and saying that they wish they could have witnessed them.

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When unfortunate events continue to take place while I am present, I will finally start to take my ancestors seriously. So nobody is denouncing them like some people did when it happened in KZN—Kumnandi nje—but when it happens in KZN, it’s all about Zulus, and they’re calling them Mxxx!

It doesn’t matter if it’s at the groove or ko mlootong; I just can’t stand it when people take pictures of other people without their permission. Get the f*** away from me with that stupid phone.

But where exactly do all of them originate? I don’t notice any residential places in the region; are all of these people employed in agriculture?

It’s interesting how some types of accidents may turn otherwise law-abiding people into villains. Why is it that most of the time, beer trucks have empty space in their cargo?

How frequently do you see a truck lose its load of vegetables, such as carrots or cabbage?

When someone is in need in South Africa, no one will aid them; rather, they will abandon them to their misery, steal from them, or even hurt them.

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