Remember woman who said “Kill all the black men, Shoot them” Look what the EFF is planning about her

Remember woman who said “Kill all the black men, Shoot them” Look what the EFF is planning about her.

Johannesburg – The head of the South African Human Rights Commission described Belinda Migor’s remarks as “horrific and abhorrent,” while the EFF said it was preparing to file a criminal complaint against the “racist” white woman on Saturday in response to her violent, racist remarks.

In the now-viral voice note, Migor can be heard arguing, among other things, that black men should be banned because they rape, steal, and kill worse than any pit bull and get away with it.

She also advocated removing the uterus and ovaries of all black women to prevent reproduction. She made the statements, ostensibly in defense of pit bulls, in response to calls for the dangerous breeds to be banned following multiple fatal maulings.

SAHRC commissioner André Guam stated in an interview with Algoa FM News that Migor’s comments on the WhatsApp voice note constituted hate speech.

“It constitutes, prima facie, the most heinous form of hate speech.” As a result, the Gauteng provincial office of the commission is evaluating the issue, and a decision is pending on whether to investigate it or refer it to the Equality Court.

Guam stated that the court could be asked to refer the case to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for possible prosecution.

Migor has since attributed her racist WhatsApp message to the “Pitbull Lovers” group to her diabetes.

“I’m diabetic. When your blood sugar is out of balance, which occurs frequently, you cannot think clearly. You are unfocused. It’s as if a cloud is covering your mind. Unfortunately, I do not receive them that frequently. I take insulin. She was quoted by TimesLive as saying, “Because my blood sugar is out of whack, I am unable to work in an office.”

The EFF in Gauteng was appalled by the violent and racist comments made by a white woman from Benoni, but they were not surprised that she was white.

Nkululeko Dunga, chairman of the EFF in Gauteng, stated that racism must have severe legal consequences.

“There must be severe repercussions for such remarks.” Racism is a serious crime with deep roots in this country. This week, the highest court in the land granted parole to Janusz Walus for the murder of Chris Hani.

“This is a ruthless killer whose actions constitute an act of war.” However, he walks free after serving only 30 years.

At 10 a.m. on Saturday, the EFF will open the case at the Benoni police station.

“EFF officials in Gauteng will take a stand against these racists once more.” Dunga stated, “We will file charges of hate speech and incitement to commit public violence against Belinda Migor, Catherine Estelle Smith, and all other members of the racist WhatsApp group.”

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