Remember a school girl who ‘joked’ about rape? Look what the law has decided about her. Sad

Remember a schoolgirl who ‘joked’ about rape? Look what the law has decided about her. Sad.

Johannesburg, Mpumalanga: The police stated that claims and allegations regarding the high school student who allegedly joked about being raped by Grade 11 student Bafana Sithole should not be used as leverage to arrest her.

Last week, Sithole committed suicide on school grounds after being accused of raping a classmate.

The girl, whose identity cannot be disclosed because she is a juvenile, allegedly claimed later that she did not mean what she stated regarding the sexual episode.

The Mpumalanga SAPS spokesperson, Brigadier Selvyn Mohlala, stated that the SAPS lacked sufficient evidence to arrest or indict the schoolgirl.

“No one has formally submitted a statement to the police stating that the girl is sorry and that she unjustly accused Sithole of the crime.” “If there is no one to claim responsibility, we cannot assert that the girl wrongly implicated the deceased,” he said.


Mohlala stated that the police were aware of a suicide note circulating on social media that was supposedly written by the dead and addressed to his mother, and that the police were uncertain as to whether or not messages of remorse allegedly sent by the girl were fake.

“No one has come in and claimed ownership of the so-called apology that is being attributed to the youngster,” he explained.

He made it plain that there is no case in the absence of convincing evidence that Sithole wrote the letter to the mother and that the girl apologized.

Instead of utilizing social media to handle important concerns, he urged community members to come forward with credible evidence and warned that such allegations would compromise the investigation into the occurrence.

He stated, “We denounce all meddling with the probe.”

Mohlala stated that the girl could only be charged if it is determined that she falsely accused the decedent of rape.

Anyone with suicidal thoughts can contact 0800 567 567 or send an SMS to 31393.

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