R.I. P: Learn what had allegedly been planned for Dinky Bliss on Monday before her untimely death

R.I. P: Learn what had allegedly been planned for Dinky Bliss on Monday before her untimely death

Nobody saw the death of the former Big Brother Mzansi housemate coming as she was confident and had many things happening in her life.


The Manager of Rethabile ‘ Dinky Bliss ‘ Potsane , Bukhosi Heshu also allegedly confirmed the untimely death which was owed to a short illness. Bukhosi allegedly informed that the Big Brother Mzansi star had feverish symptoms on Friday.

As a result of this , Bukhosi reportedly informed media that there were plans at hand to take Dinky Bliss to the clinic on Monday so that some tests could be conduct to determine what she was suffering from . The fever was allegations mild on Friday, but allegations worsened on Saturday.



As a result, plans were set in for tests to be conducted on Monday, but things allegedly took a bad turn when her life came to an end on the early morning hours of Sunday. She allegedly had ordinary symptoms such as headaches and coughing, with nobody anticipating the world.

Information that was allegedly shared by her Manager Bukhosi indicated that she could have died a natural death before she got a chance to have tests ran on her on Monday as planned .A painful lesson has been learned from the sudden passing of Dinky Bliss before she could fulfill what had been planned for Monday.

It’s painful to learn that a person’s life can end when it is least expected. While it had been anticipated that she would be alive today , the opposite happened. You must therefore learn that living every day is a natural gift and that people need to show gratitude every day .

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