Pregnant Woman Arrested At Cape West Coast. Here is What was Found in Her Bag

There are different laws in the country which most citizens may not be aware of. Due to the fact that they are not aware of such laws, they can easily violate the law and this could lead to their arrest.

It is important to note that some indigenous plants are protected and are not allowed to be removed and carried around in the country. If you are caught with one, you will be arrested.

This is the story of a pregnant woman who was stopped and Searched at a roadblock on N7 near Moorreesburg on the Cape West Coast. An indigenous plant was found with her and therefore this led to her arrest.

Plucking the indigenous plants is seen as poaching and this is an offense to the authorities.

An indigenous plant is a plant that is found only in a particular geographical area and therefore it is seen as the property of the government of that area. The site of the location of the plant can serve as a heritage site for the community. Therefore when these plants are stolen, it becomes a crime, and one can get arrested for that.

The roadblock that led to the arrest of the pregnant woman was set by The Western Cape Transport Department. Officers were commended for using this means to prevent the transportation of illegal substances within the country.

The news was shared on Facebook by SABC News Western Cape

What do you think about this arrest? Was it necessary or not to arrest the pregnant lady for carrying an indigenous plant in her bag? Share your opinion.


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