Police Officer Arrested At Mall Of Africa, Look What He Was Caught With

Police Officer Arrested At Mall Of Africa, Look What He Was Caught With. A highway patrol police officer has been arrested by the security personnel at the Mall of Africa.

The security personnel at the Mall of Africa have been monitoring a suspect who has been paying parking tickets with stained money. Apparently, the individual would pay with R200 stained notes and get back R190 change from the machine. The security personnel suspected the incident and an investigation was conducted which led to the arrest of a highway patrol police officer. The officer has been using the stained money on parking machines to receive change and use the money.

The police was found in possession of the stained money and was immediately arrested by the security personnel.

It is very troubling to witness how police are corrupt and involved in crimes.Recently law enforcements have been exposed for their corrupt way and for being unable to follow the law themselves.It is very fortunate that the police officer was arrested and the stained money was seized.It is not clear where the police officer found the money and more investigations will be conducted.

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Source: Crime In SA



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