Police arrest and seized fake iPhones from Chinese guys who were making them

The Mozambican authorities together with the police have managed to get another crime unit that had been established to create counterfeit cell phones dissolved.

This followed after the police actually seized 1,165 fake Apple iPhones and they also managed to arrest two Chinese nationals who were behind this illegal inhumane act.

The police did this after they did a raid at an apartment in the capital of Mozambique which is Maputo and this is actually where the counterfeit iPhones were being assembled and sold.

Some people do things that end up hurting other people which is not good at all, such as selling fake iPhones, which would lead to the person who is buying only discovering the fake iPhone later while the money has been taken.

The authorities and the police in Mozambique should be commended for the job that they’ve done in, making sure that they take down such types of syndicates.

Source: Twitter


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