PHOTOS: Uzalo Actors Who Are Sangoma In Real Life

PHOTOS: Uzalo Actors Who Are Sangoma In Real Life

People no longer shy away from or flat-out repudiate their calling as sangomas because of their age alone. Many people believe that only the elderly are eligible to receive a sangoma calling, and that youngsters are too young to receive one. They were only kids when they got the call, and many of them felt ashamed for answering it.

Since “sangomas” has such unfavorable connotations. Once upon a time, young people worried that their peers would look down on them if they followed the Calling. People in the twenty-first century are less likely to reject their callings and more likely to be happy to be sangomas, even at a young age, thanks to the example set by celebrities and other public figures who have accepted their own sangoma roles.

Since more and more regular people and famous individuals are adopting the sangoma lifestyle, many are mystified as to why young people are following suit.

In South Africa, sangomas are quite common in the entertainment and music industries. There is far less shame and fear associated with the sangoma identity in modern day South Africa. Celebrities are encouraging regular people to answer the call and be proud of their heritage.

— See below for a list of Sangomas who have appeared in Uzalo productions.

1. Gabisele who real name is Baby cele is one of the Sangoma.

Cele is well known to soap opera viewers as Gabisile Mdletshe, her soap opera stage name. For example, Cele is a well-known South African celebrity who has chosen to follow his or her Sangoma destiny.

2. The Second: Thandeka King, Dawn:

Mancqobo, Dawn’s soap opera character name, is a household name. She, too, is a proud Sangoma who embraces his heritage.

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