Phelo Bala Biography

Phelo Bala is no new name for South Africans. The musician has made headlines for all the reasons one could think of! For instance, he is one of the most handsome men in the country. He is also famous for being part of the Bala Brothers, a renowned vocal trio from the Kwa Nobuhle Township in the heart of Port Elizabeth.

The musician hit the headlines when he came out regarding his sexuality sometimes last year. Phelo Bala sexuality, which is gay, took most people, and especially his fans by surprise. The musician got engaged to his fiancé, Moshe Ndiki, in 2019. Their much-publicized relationship became every woman’s envy.

Profile Summary

Full names: Phelo Bala

Year of birth: March 24, 1991

Phelo Bala age: 31 years

Career: Musician

Phelo Bala partner: Moshe Ndiki

Phelo Bala Biography

The handsome musician was born on March 24, 1991. He has two elder siblings, who make him the last born. He joined Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School. The celebrated musician then joined the multi-award winning gospel choir Joyous Celebration in 2011. However, he left the group in 2015.

Here are some of Phelo Bala songs:

  • Something Inside So Strong
  • Strome van Seen
  • Masibuyelane
  • Circle of Life
  • Nella Fantasia
  • Sylvia
  • Khumbula
  • Konsertina Vastrap Keurspel
  • You Raise Me Up
  • Girl Without A Name
  • Pata Pata
  • Ek sien ‘n nuwe hemel kom
  • Somebody To Love
  • Weeping
  • He Lives in You
  • South African National Anthem
  • Beauty & The Beast
  • All I Ask Of You
  • Lofsing die Here
  • Phelo Bala Joyous Celebration -You Are

Is Phelo Bala sangoma?

After making music together with his brothers and also being part of the Joyous Celebration choir, the musician revealed that music was not his calling. He stated that “I am a Sangoma; music is not my calling, and I will not do it forever. Whether I have healed people through music or in my Sangoma practices; my calling is in healing”.

Love life

The handsome man gathered enough strength to come out and let the world know that he was gay. It was not easy, but he revealed via his Instagram account. He further stated that he did not intend to live his life as a lie and that he had to come out to grow both emotionally and mentally.

After doing so, he became free to share his relationship with Moshe Ndiki on social media platforms. From their many pictures, you could tell that the couple was in love. Interestingly, the couple started attending family functions together where Phelo Bala and Moshe got to meet with each other’s family members. The couple got engaged, and news going around was that the couple was planning for their wedding.

Phelo Bala and Moshe fight

Well, it seems like there is trouble in paradise with the recent incidences of their relationship. This is after abuse allegations have surfaced about the once-in-love couple. It was reported that Moshe allegedly assaulted Phelo with a candle stand.

It was revealed that the star musician suffered from a head bleeding that required to be stitched. He went ahead and obtained an interim court order. Two months ago, the couple had given relationship advice to couples during the lockdown.

According to the musician, he was beaten by Moshe with a candle stand and found his way to Olivedale Hospital for treatment. He stated:  “I feel unsafe around him. He’s emotionally abusive, manipulative, and controlling. Just two days ago at my friend’s house, he beat me up when I told him it’s over. He took the phone I was using”

On the other hand, Moshe retaliated and published a statement to tell his side of the story. He stated the following: “The article made a number of allegations regarding alleged incidents between my Phelo and I and the current existence of protection order applications. These are matters of a private nature, and I have been advised because there are court proceedings; I cannot reveal anything; however, at this present time, I would like to state that I have no way abused Phelo, and I have proof to this effect”.


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