Omen | Full Cast | Season 1

Omen | Full Cast | Season 1

A high flying lawyer has his life turned upside down when he discovers that he comes from a long line of witches, whose men have ruled the supernatural world of the five tribes. Will he answer his true calling?

The ancestors and world of spirits isn’t anything new to fans of South African shows but they’re normally just parts of the storylines, tools to enhance the tale. That’s different in new Mzansi Magic series Omen – the world of spirits is at the centre of the series.

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Omen is driven by lead character Mogale Kgorompi (Lesley Musina), a successful lawyer and happily married man who is stopped in his tracks by a calling in his dreams. And it’s not a message he expected – because not only are his ancestors telling him to quit the law profession and take over as chief from his late father, they also want him to lead an entire world of witches.

As with most other Mzansi productions, Omen is slick and performs like a well-oiled machine after only a handful of episodes. The acting is engaging, with a storyline that viewers will be able to understand as the spiritual world is held in a special place in families across South Africa (and the African continent).

“This is not your regular witchcraft theme,” Lesley tells “This story portrays and educates people on how back in the day witchcraft was used positively but because of greed people started using it to harm others. And it also kills the ‘African stereotype’ that witches travel on brooms.”

Starring Season Cast

Molobane Mbatha as Chigani (as Molobane Maja)
Lesley Musina as Mogale
John Morapama as Kgwara
Ayanda Bandla as Nokuthula
Mamarumo Marokane as Boleta
Refilwe Madumo as Lizi
Magic Hlatshwayo as Chief Maripane
Arthur Molepo as Mathaithai
Thabiso Mokhethi as Nelson
Stephen Manaka as Mathaithai Father (as Chukudu Manaka)

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