Old Woman Who Sells Vetkoek Helped a Woman Give Birth at Hospital Gate

Old Woman Who Sells Vetkoek Helped a Woman Give Birth at Hospital Gate

When you hear people complaining that hospital nurses have a bad attitude, you could get the impression that those people are trying to pick on the nurses. The fact of the matter is that patients at public hospitals are not receiving enough care.

Because of these petty reasons, you may even be turned away from hospitals at times. There was a tale that went viral not so long ago about a woman who collapsed while waiting to be let into a hospital because the security guards refused to let her in since there was load shedding.

Since the majority of these incidents take place in Limpopo, it gives the impression that patients in the region’s clinics are treated similarly to animals. After all of that, there is another video of a woman who gave birth outside of a hospital gate after being turned away from the facility where she wanted to give birth.

Reports that can be relied on come from the town of Burgersfort, which is located in the province of Limpopo. Mme Gladys Mokgotho, who sells magwinya at the Burgersfort Clinic gate, was able to help a woman in giving delivery while she was doing so outside of the clinic’s entrance. The woman was not let to enter the facility by the security guards because the clinic doesn’t open until seven in the morning.



It was merely a stroke of good luck that mom Gladys was present. It was only because of that that the poor woman and her infant were saved from certain death in that location. On the ground next to the innocent mother could be seen in the video several elderly women who worked in the neighboring marketplaces providing assistance to her. While others were assisting the woman in giving birth, others were holding blankets over her head to protect her privacy. A lot of people on social media are saying nice things about Mam Gladys. What she did was incredibly brave, and it resulted in the saving of two lives. A picture of her can be seen below:


The staff members working in public hospitals have a highly negative mentality toward patients; they always talk to patients as if they don’t have feelings. Sometimes you can go to the hospital and come back without being helped while they are sitting in their offices and drinking tea. This occurs while they are performing administrative tasks. To ensure that citizens are receiving enough medical attention, the government should staff hospitals with personnel who are willing to check on patients without prior notification.

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