‘ Not again ‘. Another ANC eminent female’s $€X tape leaked. Check who was filmed this time around

‘ Not again ‘. Another ANC eminent female’s $€X tape leaked. Check who was filmed this time around

Many romantic relationships are worthwhile during their initial phases. When some of them get a bit older, a lot start to happen between partners, that’s why many people who have been married for long but can’t be intimate with each other anymore choose to have “open relationships”. Some choose to file for a divorce when they no longer want to be together.

For those who opt for “open relationships”, they are doing it for the sake of their kids. They stay under one roof, but do not sleep in the same bedrooms.

Relationships are complicated and can ruin your reputation sometimes. When two bitter people no longer want to be together, one or both of them usually create fake social media accounts and start sharing pictures of what was going on behind closed doors when they was still a spark in their relationship.

People can be bitter out there. That’s why it is not advisable to film or take pictures of everything that happens in the bedroom, particularly intimate moments. Because you will never know whether you and your current partner will be together till death do you apart. You don’t want to live in regrets. People’s private pictures and videos get leaked all the time nowadays.

With regard to private videos and pictures getting leaked on social media, a high profile member of the ANC named Ntombizanele Beauty Sifuba’s private video was leaked online. It was allegedly leaked by a Nigerian man whom she is allegedly in an intimate relationship with.

The Nigerian man allegedly blackmailed the Free State Legislature Speaker and demanded R300 000 from her, but she refused to give him such a huge amount. The Nigerian then got angry and leaked her private video online.

Ntombizanele did the right thing by not giving her alleged Nigerian lover the R300 000 he was demanding. He was probably going to blackmail her forever.

The video may have come out, but this will pass and everyone will move on. She is not the first one to go through the same thing and probably won’t be the last.

Ntombizanele’s alleged lover probably wanted to ruin her career.

He is going to get incarcerated because in South Africa the right to privacy is protected in terms of both our common law and in section 14 of the constitution. If you share anyone’s private video or picture without their consent you may be liable to pay up to R300 000 or remain behind prison cells for up to 5 years. Note that you could also face both incarceration and a fine.

Next time if you want to share someone’s private picture or video online, ask them for permission.

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