Nomcebo Gumede Biography

If producers and directors can’t stay away from you, it means you are good. This is the case with Nomcebo Gumede, who keeps on making a comeback to SABC1 drama, Uzalo.

  1. Nomcebo Gumede never saw herself acting on TV. She prefers theatre, which offers an environment where you don’t have to limit yourself.
  2. Mumsy was introduced to Uzalo, as pastor Mdletshe’s daughter. Immediately, she started hitting it off with Mastermind (TK Dlamini). Their hot and sexy relationship usually stole the show.

3. To make her character more interesting, Mumsy has always been a troublemaker and an uncontrollable and fearless woman. She took orders from no one, and lived by her own rules.

4. Nomcebo however, left the show in 2018, and have had the chance to play different characters

5. She played Chamai, on Ifalakhe. The drama tells a distressing story of a former era where power, superstition, competition and manipulation succeed to ensure ample nail-biting tension.

6. Nomcebo, was also part of Isipho, where she played, Elihle. Unfortunately, the South African mystic drama series was canceled beginning of the year.

  1. After leaving the number one soapie in the country, the character’s was cast-off to Swaziland. She has now made a comeback filled with nothing but more drama. Mumsy is on a mission to break up Njeza and Hleziphi and claim him for herself.
  2. Speaking to Daily Sun, Nomcebo said she was surprised when the casting director called her to ask if she was available. “This is that the third time Mumsy is making a comeback on the show. I never thought she’d come.

9. Although Gumede is new on television, she has experience in theatre, and also wrote the one woman show, Trapped.

  1. She also does voice overs. Talk about a rising star.


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