Mzansi Couple Became A Laughing Stock After Their Tape Trends On Twitter

A young couple became an absolute laughing stock on social media after their private tape was leaked. The video trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

South Africans have experienced a lot on social media in the few days of November. From King Zwelithini’s coronation to Matthew Booths scandalous cheating expośe and to Zanele Sifuba’s controversial revenge porn scandal.

The couple recently trended on Twitter after their video was released. They became a laughing stock because, according to many, their video was a vlog.

@ChrisExcel took to Twitter to share his anger and disgust about the video. According to him, the young couple’s video was “a waste of time and data.”

They responded to all of the negative comments they were receiving. The man tweeted, “It’s not our fault that you guys expected to see whatever you guys wanted to see.”

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