My Father ‘Slept’ With Me In The Presence Of My Mother For 3 Years Until I Almost Died- 19 Year Old

My Father ‘Slept’ With Me In The Presence Of My Mother For 3 Years Until I Almost Died- 19 Year Old.

A woman who calls herself Mawoena relates her tragic backstory. The 19-year-old claims she and her parents reside together in Accra. She also says her father informed her she is finally “ripe” for him to enjoy after a long period of “preparation.” Mawoena goes on to tell that her father first began “making out” with her when she was nearly 14 years old.

I informed my dad he can’t have me for a second wife because he already has one. Before deciding to abort the pregnancy, my father and mother “slept” together for three years. I was very sick during that time. Some of the occasions we did “it” in the house, my mother was present since we were in her line of sight. She ultimately chose not to raise any sort of complaint.

After three years, I became pregnant, and my father forced me to take a medicine that I later learned was an abortion pill. Mawoena claims, “I just took in” the pills he provided her since she is illiterate and therefore had no choice but to ingest them.

Mawoena claims that her father would routinely engage in sexual activity with her. I went to the Amasaman police station and said my father had been “sleeping” with me after the abortion nearly took my life.

My family helped me out by bringing my dad to “face the police,” but he was granted bail and is still free to roam the streets. My mother, unable to bear the shame, escaped to Togo. Mawoena explains, “Even though my father has moved in with his friend, he still sends someone to come and see if I am home.”

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