Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe Finally Opened up about their Special Child Zenande

Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe Finally Opened up about their Special Child Zenande.

On the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, we saw Musa Mseleku going out to have lunch with MaNgwabe and their daughter Zenande and the other kids.While they were in the middle of their lunch, MaNgwabe received a call from Zenande’s doctor. 

Zenande was born with an undeveloped cleft palate. MaNgwabe explained that the disease has something to do with some kind of undevelopment.

“When doctors explain it, they say it has something to do with wome kind of underdevelopment”, said MaNgwabe.

MaNgwabe also reveled that Zenande has been through two surgeries, the first one was not successful, and the second one was luckily a successful one.

The doctor called MaNgwabe because Zenande was supposed to do another scan to check if her condition is getting better and she was happy with the news she received.

She reveled that Zenande can now speak. It will take a bit more time for her to speak normally like the other kids, but at least she now can speak.

On his diary session, Musa Mseleku also spoke about having a child sho has special needs. He revealed that he was scared and nervous at first and he is now also happy that his daughter Zenande can speak.

“It was my first time having a child like Zenande…there are many things that made me love her more”, said Musa Mseleku.

It seems like raising a child with special needs like Zenande made Musa Mseleku love and appreciate MaNgwabe more. So this is what went down on the lunch day that Musa Mseleku and MaNgwabe took the children for lunch and spoke about their special child Zenande.

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