Mukosi Biography

Shonisani Mitchell Maideledzha known by her stage name MUKOSI is an artist born in Johannesburg and raised in Limpopo Venda. The name Mukosi came to be when people were screaming as she was dancing Malende, Tshigombela, Tshikhaba and Kwaito at school Tshivhuyuni Primary School.

Mukosi was born on July 15, 1997, at Johannesburg Hospital. She grew up in Ha-Mashamba, Mukondeni. She attended Londha primary school and finished at Tshikhuthula secondary school. She started singing at a young age (8). In 2016 when she was going through some mental problems because of the traumatic experience that she went through and could not find help.

She found a home in music and being on stage is like therapy for her. She released her first ALBUM in 2016 which is titled (SHANGO LASHU). She was assisted by Bra Deevo the Dj. She was promoted in the streets and the people encouraged her to never give up because they saw she has talent. She released her second album titled Matula. From April 2017 Dj Masira until she released her third album titled Khari Dovhe Zwa Mulovha in 2019.

On August 15 August 2020 she released an album titled VHARE VHAWE, It contains a song titled GIGIDEDZA. The song Khari Dovhe Zwa Mulovha is the one that created a name for her in Venda, it was being played on the local radio stations. The song got her booked  in different events  allowing her to perform
in front of crowds.

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