Moshe Ndiki Biography, Age, Profile, Boyfriend, Mother, Education and Net Worth

Moshe Ndiki (born 9 March 1987 in East London, UK) is a famous comedian. He is well-known for his funny jokes on himself and other celebrities.  The comedian has gained both social media presence and views on his channels followers and fans seem to enjoy what he does. Everybody loves comedy and people who make them laugh.


Name: Moshe Nkumanda-Ndiki Other names Moshe Obama

Date of Birth: Born 9 March 1987 (age 34 years)

Place of birth: East London

Partner: Phelo Bala

Profession: Comedian, TV personality

 Age: 34 years old


He was born and raised in East London, the U.K., and is a graduate. Moshe studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Acting for Camera in City Varsity.

Before fame

Moshe created a YouTube Channel and began to upload funny content on the video-sharing platform. The videos enclosed him poking fun at himself and any other celebrity that crosses his mind. Since he is one of the few that does this kind of comedy people started to notice him. He has managed to gain the heart of many and his audience. With this many opportunities came knocking to the celebrity.


The popular figure on the screens of South Africans bought his mother a new home. He took to social media to leave touching messages for his mother. He also shared a screenshot of the letter of registration of transfer for the house he bought. “To mom, you gave up a whole lot in your life to be my mom, to play both roles, for me never to go to bed hungry or short of anything. You gave me your love, your constant support and care.”

“You taught me how to be myself through your love, you sacrificed our home so I could go to art school and support my dream of being an entertainer. You did so without complaining. You did so much and still do so much for me, emotionally and otherwise.” MC Career


For two years (2013-2015) Moshe was the MC on Cruel Summer. In 2017, he was the MC at Homecoming Picnic and also at Hookah Festival. He was also the Master of Ceremony (MC) for Eastern Cape Trivar in 2016, Miss CPUT, Mr. and Ms.

Freshette NMMU, and many other events and festivals. It is worth mentioning that he was Prince on the show The Queen. Moshe also landed a job on Metro FM. During his stay at the radio station, he was involved in a controversy with Ntsiki Mazwai. She alleged that the radio personality was body-shaming her and also accused Metro FM of offering him much protection. Boyfriend


Moshe Ndiki is dating Phelo Bala of the Bala Brothers. The couple, after a long time relationship, is engaged. They decided to climb another ladder in their relationship in September 2019 after being engaged. The couple shared pictures of them on social media, followers admire how good they are together.

Together, Moshe and his bae received recognition in the Feather Awards. He was the host on the show and with his bae made it on the nomination list. They were nominated for the Cutest Couple of the Year award. The recognition touched others including his family member. Moshe’s parents received a nomination for the Best Rainbow Parenting Award.

Social presence

Social presence He has managed to get a strong social media presence. Moshe is active on IG and has managed to get over eight hundred thousand followers. On his profile which reads “The Supreme, I’m not the nicest person, I’m not a bad person, I’m not an evil person, I’m trying” shares picture and video updates of his lifestyle and work. He is also a popular figure on Twitter and boasts of over one hundred and eighty-seven thousand followers.

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