Money Is Good, See Throwback Photos Of Julius Malema That Proves He is indeed blessed

South African politician and activist Julius Sello Malema is well-known worldwide. The politician faced many challenges along the way, but he triumphed over them all through his dogged persistence and unwavering dedication to his cause. In this section, we will examine Malema’s early years and adolescence via photographs taken during that time.

First elected to office in 1995, he served as regional chairman and chapter chairman of the Seshego Youth League. Two years later, he was elected to lead the Congress of South Students in Limpopo province.

He assumed the role of national president of the group in 2001. After being elected ANC president, he had to deal with a number of problems throughout the rest of the year. These included ANC disciplinary actions, a journalistic incident involving the BBC, and the Nedbank crisis in September 2009.

The political barriers he encountered did not slow his meteoric climb to fame in the modern era. A member of parliament since 2014, he first garnered prominence in 2013 when he launched the Economic Freedom Fighters party. Malema’s life story is used here as an illustration. He settled down with his soul mate Mantoa and raised two children, Munzhedzi and Kopano.

To try to piece together his pre-wealthy appearance, we may now start poring over his old images. One of the most crucial aspects of a man’s life is his financial stability, in my opinion. As we witnessed with Malema, it could drastically alter your physical and mental characteristics.

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