Meet The Cast Of Grootboom And Sons

Meet The Cast Of Grootboom And Sons

They’re willing to go beyond the grave to have a stake at the funeral business: meet the star-studded cast of the isiXhosa drama series.

The Grootbooms are a divided family in new local drama series Grootboom & Sons. Matriarch Vuyo’s health is rapidly deteriorating after she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease years ago – a fact that she’s hiding from her family.

The series starts with Vuyo finally coming clean about her condition, and declaring she’s ready to hand over the family’s funeral parlour to her two entitled sons, Mbulelo and Zola.

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But just as the siblings get excited about taking over, they’re met with a nasty surprise: Vuyo’s estranged sister, Funeka, returns home after 15 years to claim her share of their late father’s inheritance.

Immediately, there’s friction between Funeka and her nephews as she refuses to share the business: Funeka wants the funeral parlour all to herself. In that instant, the battle lines are drawn and Funeka and her nephews begin plotting against each other.

Granted, Grootboom & Sons isn’t a regular funeral parlour, it’s a business to die for! Throughout the series, secrets and scandals are revealed that threaten to destroy the family for good. Who will rise to the top: Aunty Funeka or the boys who’re inheriting “her” business?

Sibulele Gcilitshana as Vuyo

Mzansi Magic shares surprising spoiler on Grootboom and Sons – JustNje

As the funeral parlour’s current owner, Vuyo takes pride in running an upstanding operation. The widow is hardworking and unapologetically ambitious. Vuyo is also a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and she expects nothing but the best send-offs for her customers.

While her plans to grow the family business are destroyed by her diagnosis, she vows to leave Grootboom & Sons in capable hands before she dies.

Zandile Msuthwana as Funeka

Zandile Msutwana on her return to The Queen | Truelove

After a nasty feud with her sister 15 years ago, Funeka left home and refused to return… until now. The firecracker, who looks half her age – and also acts it – launched a spa in Cape Town but she was never fulfilled.

She’s back home to try her luck at running the funeral business but her family members fear that she’ll run Grootboom & Sons down the drain. Despite the backlash, Funeka is out to prove to everyone that she’s capable while pitting her nephews against each other.

Bongile Mantsai as Mbulelo

Bongile Mantsai's Biography (History, Contact Details, Occupation)

Vuyo’s oldest son Mbulelo is a business manager at the funeral parlour. Because he is socially awkward, he prefers to work behind the scenes, filing paperwork and ensuring that Grootboom & Sons runs smoothly. Little does the family know that Mbulelo is running an illegal business of his own backstage.

Mbasa Msongelo as Zola

Mbasa Jongisizwe (@MbasaJongisizwe) / Twitter

Zola is Vuyo’s youngest son. Unlike his brother, Zola isn’t admired for his good looks and intellect, but he certainly is a charmer and a joker. This playboy enjoys going out to nightclubs to pick up women, only to drop them like hot potatoes the morning after. His main motivation for wanting to run the funeral parlour is to earn respect in the community.

Luzuko Nkqetho as Mkhokeli aka MK

Luzuko Nkqeto - Grassroots2 - YouTube

He might not be family by blood, but he is definitely family by association. MK is Vuyo’s supportive brother-in-law. He moved in with the Grootbooms after Vuyo’s husband died and he has no intention of leaving. MK enjoys helping out at the funeral parlour, he’s loyal to a fault, and he may just be the key that unites the Grootbooms.

Watch Grootboom & Sons on Showmax, with new episodes on Mondays at the same time as Mzansi Magic.

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