Meet Ntando Duma Twin Sister

Ntando Duma is a TV presenter and an actress from South Africa. She is a current presenter at a youth programming block, etv , and has also been featured on Craz-e World live. She was raised in Gauteng province alongside her other three siblings by her mother and grandmother. Her father passed away in 2008 after leaving the family when she was three years old.

Ntando Duma and her sister Thando Duma have raised a lot of arguments on social media, where they are described as twins. Her sister Thando is DJ and vocalist popularly known as Lady Amar on her social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

Their identity has confused many people, especially when the two twin-like sisters post pictures on Instagram with the same outfits and even hairstyles that match their look. However, Ntando Duma has recently described that her sister Thando is not her twin sister despite their look-alike and similarities. Thando is the eldest sister but not Ntando duma’s twin sister.

Ntando Duma was born on August 29, 1995, and as of 2022, she is 26 years old and rose to fame at a very young age, just like her elder sister, Thando Duma. However, Ntando Duma is the most popular among her siblings due to the brand name and career she has built for herself.

Ntando Duma Career

Ntando duma found her entertainment passion at a young age which made her pursue her Diploma in Media Studies at Boston College. She started her career as a presenter by presenting the Sistahood, ShizNiz, and Craz-e. Her presenting career enabled her to land a role as Zinzi Dandala on Rhythm City City. Ntando Duma is also known for being a host on MTV Base Africa and hosting the show referred to as Gqom Nation. Ntando Duma is also a founder of Inspire a Teen SA Foundation.

The Foundation offers education and training sessions for young models interested in modeling art, especially cat-walking. The Foundation started in 2010 to nurture and impact confidence in the upcoming teen models and even support them in their formal education.

Ntando’s Inspire a Teen Foundation was also recognized and awarded for spectacular work of giving back to the community through motivational talks and donations to Secondary Schools.
Ntando also launched a unique business that offers platforms for other businesses such as restaurants and spaza shops through an app that enables the customers to order goods and services.

Ntando Duma Relationship

Ntando Duma had a boyfriend who was a DJ known as Junior De Rocka, with whom they had a daughter named Sbahle Mzizi, born June 28, 2017. However, a few months after the birth of their daughter, in 2017, Ntando broke up with her boyfriend due to allegations of infidelity.

Ntando described their relationship as toxic after speculations of abuse, both physically and emotionally. She explained how she had suffered after catching her boyfriend with another woman in their bed. After breaking up, Ntando has never been in another relationship. She has declared that she is currently not interested in any relationship since she is focused on building her career and dreams.


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