Mduduzi Ncube biography

Mduduzi Ncube (born around 1988-1989 in Hammersdale, Kwa-Zulu Natal) is a South African songwriter and singer. The Afro-musician is drawing the attention of music lovers to himself. He scored his big break in his music career after DJ Tira heard him sing.

Mduduzi was heard by Mthokozisi Khathi aka, DJ Tira when he sang outside the Afrotainment offices in Morningside. The record producer and Kwaito artist was impressed by Ncube’s performance and luck came to play. So he received an invitation from DJ Tira to the studio. He honored the invitation and they started to do music.


Name: Mduduzi Ncube

 Age: around 32 years old

Date of birth: around 1988-1989

Place of birth: Hammersdale, Kwa-Zulu

Natal Nationality: South African

Gender: Male

Profession: Songwriter and singer

Record Label: Inkabi Records Associated arts DJ Tira, Brad Hunter


The 32-year-old hails from a musical background which to a great extent has a great influence on his music career. Like he shared in an interview, he had no other option than to become a music artist. Music was a method employed by his parents to keep them from the street. To achieve this, they made him and his siblings sing all day.

Along the line, his love for music shined stronger by the day and he then decided to be a professional musician. The Journey Well, even after their parents made them sing during childhood days, being a professional singer is on another level. Earning himself a space in the music industry didn’t come easy.

He realized that there were many obstacles as he fought hard to breakthrough. According to an interview session with Daily Sun, the artist shared that he was aware that he had the talent, but it was not enough. Eventually, he found himself in the streets of Durban. He would sing to make money by the Durban beachfront.

Some who heard him sing would throw money on the ground to appreciate. This little act of theirs was a source from which he drew encouragement. Mduduzi connected with Brad Hunter, who played a huge role in shaping his musical profession. In his words, Brad showed him “the ins and out” of the music industry.

With Luck on his side, he connected to another notable figure, DJ Tira. The record of his debut official song followed – Malokazi which featured Berita. Next was another single track titled Falling.  He also has dropped another single Isigingci feat. Big Zulu (third single).

In his words “This is an Afro soul song about love”. He focused on comprising the song while Big Zulu added his lyrics.


Though he has a short lived time at Afrotainment, he at least utilized the opportunity it created for him to work with Inkabi Records. Mduduzi Ncube’s first album – Isitimela, was released under the label in 2020. He made a wave on the entertainment scene in the country after he released his first single from the album – Isiginci.

Taking the country by storm, it made it to the top, Number one, on the iTunes chart. On the Spotify Afro Pop charts, it climbed to the top two and reached over 2 million views on the streaming site YouTube.  The success he has recorded so far in the music industry is amazing.

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