List Of Somizi Mhlongo’s Cars From Mercedes Benzs to Rolls Royces

List Of Somizi Mhlongo’s Cars From Mercedes Benzs to Rolls Royces

With an illustrious career spanning years, Somizi Mhlongo has capped his lavish life with the finest things the world can offer, from designer clothes to million-dollar mansions.

However, he was thrust into the limelight with his onscreen character on Sarafina, and the rest was history. In the mix of things, he managed to furnish his entertainment craze as he switched the floor from acting to being an on-air media personality.

Somizi Mhlongo

In the mix of things, he has fast become one of Mzansi’s most celebrated media personalities who has managed to wow us with his unmatched flair. No doubt, despite having some divorce woes haunting him, Somizi has managed to put that to rest and focus on securing the bag.

Dupped as the Mohale heist, many have been wondering which assets Mohale are eying for which Somizi can’t let go. Let’s dive into his million-rand exotic car fleet that has awakened Mzansi. Rumour mill says that Somizi owns more than ten luxurious cars that cost more than a million rand.

He lives the American dream, and his car collection tells it all.

Range Rover Sport

Idols SA judge Somizi - Source: Instagram

The bubbly media personality owns a limited edition of the latest Range Rover Sport, which boasts cool features and engine power.

Rolls Royce

Idols SA judge Somizi - Source: Instagram

He does own one but two Rolls Royces. In his Instagram posts, Mzansi has often spotted his old Rolls Royce Phantom, and his recently acquired Rolls Royce Wraith.

BMW i8

In his exotic fleet, Somizi also owns a white BMW i8.

Mercedes Benz

Idols SA judge Somizi - Source: Instagram

After all, it’s a sign of financial wealth, and almost every celeb dreams of owning one or two Mercedes Benzs. Somizi owns a Mercedes Benz AMG63 and a Mercedes Benz G350d. However, he also doubles as a Mercedes Benz brand ambassador.

Jeep Wrangler and Lamborghini Urus

Idols SA Judge Somizi - Source: Instagram

He owns a doorless white wrangler.

Idols SA judge Somizi - Source: Instagram

Somizi also owns a black Lamborghini Urus.

Net Worth

Undoubtedly, with his illustrious career spanning years, he has managed to secure the bag through his several streams of income. Apart from being an on-personality, Somizi doubles as a celebrated brand ambassador and influencer. According to several sources, the bubbly media personality has an estimated net worth of more than R80 million as of 2022.

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