“LESEDI TO DIE TODAY” Botswana national set to be killed for carrying drugs in Bangladesh

“LESEDI TO DIE TODAY” Botswana national set to be killed for carrying drugs in Bangladesh

Lesedi Molapisi, a Motswana lady who was detained for drug possession earlier this week, is incarcerated in a cell in DhakaBangladesh.

Molapisi, who purportedly comes from Ramotswa, is believed to have been detained by customs authorities and intelligence personnel after arriving in Doha from Johannesburg, South Africa, on Qatar Airways, according to a statement made by that country’s police and National Security Intelligence.

What the woman was doing in Bangladesh of all places is still a mystery.

Molapisi first claimed she was unaware of the drugs when she was stopped, but a search of her luggage revealed otherwise, according to a statement from Bangladeshi officials.

Eight poly bags containing 3.178kg of a “powdery material” thought to be heroin were discovered by officials. The statement added that while the suspect had been remanded in police custody pending legal action, the suspected heroin had been taken for laboratory testing.

Bangladesh is one of the Asian nations with strict laws regarding drug offenses, especially given the country’s ongoing battle with drug infiltration. In fact, drug offenses in Bangladesh are punishable by the death penalty.

Legal expert Tshiamo Kgomotso noted that Government can only intervene in circumstances where there is a deceased or the said person is a victim of some crime.

“When someone is arrested in a country, they have to abide by the legal procedures of that country.”

This is one of a kind incident involving a Motswana. Cases of alleged drug trafficking and smuggling are common between South Africa and Asian countries but this is the first incident involving a Motswana national in recent times.

Lesedi is allegedly set to be executed today and this has left many with mixed feelings, because they feel like it’s a bit extreme to execute someone because they are carrying drugs and just 3kg of it.


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