Lehasa’s Uncle Revealed The Plan They Have For Khwezi In SkeemSaam

Lehasa’s Uncle Revealed The Plan They Have For Khwezi In Skeem Saam

Lehasa has a plan for Khwezi and it’s not a good one. Lehasa’s uncle, Phomolo has encouraged him to tolerate Khwezi just for 5 months. Which means there is a plan made for her.

We knew it, Lehasa and the uncles are planning evil for Khwezi. Viewers think that Lehasa and his uncles are going to make Khwezi go crazy and she will be admitted to the hospital. Apparently, Lehasa will apply for full custody of a child and he will marry Pretty at a white wedding.

Lehasa has already paid lobola to Khwezi using the surname of Maphosa. Viewers believe that Lehasa will marry Pretty and she will be Mrs. Banda. Khwezi has been married traditionally using Maphosa’s surname and Pretty will get a white wedding as Mrs. Banda.

Apparently, the wedding of Khwezi is not real, it’s a fake. Lehasa has revealed to his uncle that he was doing it for the eve of a babe. It’s funny how Lehasa is the only one who knows his plan yet he is hurting Pretty and dragging everyone with him.

His uncle has to call Pretty a skank that kills babies. Lehasa’s uncle is worse and heartless. This Uncle wants Lehasa to go back to the woman who stabbed him.


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