King Monada Is In Serious Trouble

South African musician King Monada, also known as Khutso Steven Kgatle, finds himself in hot water as Limpopo Arts Movement (LAM) organizers take legal action against him for failing to perform at two events despite being paid.

According to reports, King Monada was slated to perform at an event in November 2022 but failed to show up, leaving organizers and attendees disappointed. Despite his absence, he allegedly committed to performing at the LILA Awards in 2023 without any additional cost to the organizers.

Thobejane Attorneys, representing LAM chairperson Mpho ‘Mphoza’ Mashabela, have demanded a reimbursement of R35,000, the amount paid to King Monada for the event he missed in 2022. Additionally, they are seeking R10,000 for damages and R15,000 for legal fees, bringing the total demand to R60,000.In response, King Monada’s legal team, Maloka Sebola Inc., has vowed to defend the singer against these allegations.

In a letter signed by his manager Makwela, King Monada expressed his commitment to performing at the next LILA Awards in 2023 as agreed, without any increase in the previously agreed-upon fee.The saga continues as both parties stand firm in their positions, with fans eagerly awaiting the outcome of this legal battle

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