Khwezi To Save Lehasa From Going To Jail. Here Is What She’s Going To Do

Khwezi Is serious about saving Lehasa from going to prison. She said she cannot afford to see the father of her child going to prison. No matter how many times we can disagree, the truth is that Lehasa and Khwezi are perfect for each other.

Khwezi is going to help Lehasa win the court case and after that Lehasa is going to leave her again to Pretty. Khwezi might save Lehasa from going to jail after her meeting with The Mavimbela.

Mzansi Is starting to think that Khwezi has been working with The Mavimbela’s to get Nothile out of Lehasa. We have seen it today when Khwezi met with Judge Mavimbela who is handling the case of Lehasa. Khwezi told Mavimbela that he owns her a favor and she was here to collect the favor.

Nothile’s father revealed that what he wanted was Lehasa to leave their daughter alone and the plan was successful. According to my knowledge, it seems like The Mavimbela’s could have hired Khwezi to come between Nothile and Lehasa.

It’s going to be hard to remove Khwezi since she already knows more. Khwezi is already involved in Lehasa’s business. And the reason why Lehasa proposed to Khwezi is that he knew that he will go to jail and while his away his going to need someone who will look after his businesses.

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