Khaya Dladla Biography

Khaya Dladla is a South African actor popular for his role as GC on Uzalo. His eyebrows are always on fleek, makeup on point and he is always dressed to kill than most ladies. At first look one would think Khaya was born female but sadly he is just a male who can pull off a girly look perfectly. His doubtful picture of GC Uzalo, has attracted him a huge following.

Khaya Dladla  Age

Khaya Dladla was born on the 3rd of April 1990, in Umalazi BB section. The actor is 31 years old.

Khaya Dladla Family

His parents are Mr. Reggie Dladla, the late, and his mother is Thandi Dladla from Umlazi G section. They are six children in their household, he was born fifth,

Khaya Dladla Early Life

His parents were looking for something to keep their hyper son busy. They then settled for dance because that was what Khaya decided to do at six years old. Khaya would find himself the only boy in the ballet classes, but this did not disturb him. He did his thing and was obviously very good. This was seen when he was eight years old and had already gotten a gig to go and perform.

His parents were also surprised because they never stayed behind for his performances. He would often go for gigs and not be in school as often as he should be, but he was happy with his work however. It is safe to say from 8 years old, he performed around South Africa and maintained this line for a long time throughout his life

Khaya Dladla Education

He might have started working when he was 8, but Khaya is well-educated. He attended Isipingo Hills primary school when he was younger. From grade 8 he joined Hunt road, Glenwood. He did his matric at Brittenwood High School. He got a diploma in advertising at Varcity College and finally, he got his degree in Unisa, a bachelor of arts in Marketing and Communications.

Khaya Dladla Career

He was primarily an actor in theatre, and he loved the excitement that came with doing a new character and engaging himself in the shoes of different people. The Khaya TV role seemed less fascinating to him, and when he was asked to try out for Gc Uzalo, he was unsure if it would be a good fit. However, on the stern recommendation of a director, he went for the audition and got the part.

The turn was, he was only going to be on the show for the first three or so episodes and had very few lines. When his time was meant to be done, the producers just couldn’t let him go because of how good he was. They even gave the character a real name (originally Gc stood for Gay Character), but with the adjustment of Khaya into the main show, they gave his role a real name, Gamakhulu Cetshwayo.

his caused a scandal on social media because nobody wants to see Gc go. This upcoming season has seen several members of the Uzalo cast exit the show. According to producer Pepsi Pokane, the actor has not left the show and is still part of the cast despite being sidelined a bit and being made a call actor.

Khaya is also trying his magic in the radio world as he has already made a name for himself in that industry. Recently Khaya lands a radio gig at a KZN radio station, Gagasi FM.

Khaya Dladla Boyfriend

He is in a very happy relationship with his boyfriend. He says that his ‘bae’ has supported him and made him happy. It was also his goal not to date a singer, actor or anyone in the spotlight and he got what he wanted.

Khaya Dladla Net Worth

The net worth combined by Khaya Dladla amounts to $70 000. He is bagging an daunting quantity of wealth from his acting, music, hosting gigs and his sneaker line.

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