Jub-Jub embarrassed this Man after he caught him doing this with another lady

When Jub-Jub came back from prison a few years ago, he made a crucial promise to his family and the nation that he has learned his lesson and he wants to do something beneficial to the country as well.

Jub-Jub opened his channel called UyaJola99 which deals with people who cheat on their partners. If you have a problem with a cheating partner or you suspect that maybe they are cheating on you, Jub-jub is there for everyone.

However, yesterday’s episode was about a woman who was married to a foreign resident from Mozambique. They have been together for 10 years and they had four children together. Although they were married, the woman was no longer happy in their marriage as she used to get abused almost daily. She was even promised to be killed because she doesn’t have a mother or father. She was on her own.

After realizing that her husband was cheating, she called Jub-jub to establish a way forward in her matter. She was so sad and emotionally hurt due to the stress that she was entitled to because of Ronaldo “husband”. Jub-jub and his team went to investigate the matter within a short period of time. However, they found out the man was busy cheating on the other woman. They used a tracking device on the wife’s car because the man was also using her car.

When they arrived, they found them sleeping and the lady screamed after seeing a lot of people with cameras. Jub-Jub didn’t waste time but started to interrogate Ronaldo but he was very aggressive in such a way that he wanted to beat the Jub-Jub team.

However, the woman admitted that he can continue with his side chick because it was clear that it was obvious that he loved her.

Finally, the woman found the closure she deserved and took her motor vehicle.

Source: https://twitter.com/MojaLoveTv/status/1584240180935897088?t=uQVs2OvxkZ9iXOnHZMVeJg&s=19

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