Jub Jub And His Crew Might Be In Trouble For This, See What They Did That Left Viewers So Angry

Jubjub And His Crew Might Be In Trouble For This, See What They Did That Left Viewers So Angry.

Many people have been criticizing uyajola99, saying that it invades people’s privacy by following them and filming them without their consent. In this show, people who are suspected of cheating are investigated and exposed. In some incidents, they even go to the point of getting into people’s bedrooms with cameras. Following the last broadcast of Uyajola 99, viewers have expressed a great deal of dissatisfaction with the show. Jubjub is the host of this program on this South African television station. He is a successful South African businessman, television personality, and singer who has won several awards. Since Jubjub has spent a significant amount of time working in the media and entertainment sectors, he has had numerous opportunities to win the affection of people all over the world.

In the last episode, they caught two people cheating. They caught them while they were busy in their bedroom. As always, they were not given privacy. Jubjub and his crew just entered with the cameras, leaving the couple’s private bodies exposed. Jubjub even tried to pull away the blankets that the couple was using to cover their bodies. People were so disappointed at him. They said he doesn’t have respect for women and this show must be canceled.

All over social media, people are talking about this episode. In the video, the poor lady was just saved by her long dress that covers her private area. If it wasn’t for that, viewers would have seen things they didn’t have to. In my opinion, this is a very big offense and one can go to Jain for it. Atleast he should have blurred the scene so that the couple’s body doesn’t get exposed. People are advising this lady to sue the show as well as Jubjub. What are your thoughts on this episode? Do you think Kubjub was right for entering other people’s bedrooms with cameras? Leave your comments below.





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