Joe Kazadi Biography

Joe Kazadi is popularly known for his well-built body, and he is one of the most renowned actors in South Africa. He takes pride in his well-toned body and six-pack abs, which have sent many ladies drooling over him, and some of them have even labelled him one of the sexiest men in Mzansi. He is a professional actor, scriptwriter, dancer, fitness model and chef. Also, he is a father.


Name: Joe Kazadi 

Age: 30 as of 2022

Nationality: South African

Gender: Male Joe

Profession: Actor, chef, dancer, model Joe Kazadi

Net worth: $1.3million

Joe Kazadi

The Mzansi star was born and raised in Congo until he was 9 before moving to Durban with his mother and siblings. When he turned 18, he started working as a chef. A year later, his co-worker at the restaurant suggested he tries out modelling since he had the body of a model.

Having nothing to lose, he decided to join the profession. He signed up to a modelling agency, and months later he got a gig. Having received more income from modelling, he decided to move to Johannesburg in 2009 to expand on his new modelling career. At the time, he had already been fired from the restaurant.

To get his bus fare to Johannesburg, he borrowed R120 from a friend, which was not enough, but after pleading with a generous bus driver, he agreed to let Joe sit in the trailer where the luggage was. The driver kept checking up on him every time the bus stopped since he was very uncomfortable, but he safely managed to get to Johannesburg. For a couple of nights, he slept in an abandoned building full of rats. According to him, that was one of his darkest experiences, but it made him numb to fear.

Joe Kazadi wife

The Mzansi star has a home in Johannesburg, which he shares with his girlfriend, who has decided to hide her identity. Together, they have a daughter called Omotola Zizipho Kazadi. He shared photos of his princess on Instagram, and his fans were losing it. Speaking to News24, he said that having a daughter has made him more determined to use his role in The Queen to raise awareness about rape and the importance of consent.

Joe Kazadi Daughter

Since the child’s mother has not been revealed yet, many of his fans raised questions about whether he is a single father. He later set the record straight and confirmed that indeed he was raising his daughter on his own. He took to Instagram stories saying, ‘I hope it finally clears up any confusion. I stay with my daughter all alone. There is no woman in this house. I am a single father. I hope this clips all the chit chat. I am done, and I don’t wanna talk about this anymore.’


The Mzansi star is popular for his acting skills. His career in theatre has grown so much, and he has even had chances to represent Africa  in Hollywood. His well-built body has also been a factor since it has opened many acting jobs for him.

Joe Kazadi on Uzalo

He made an appearance on South Africa’s soap opera Uzalo, taking the role of Mr Phillipe, a businessman. The show began airing in 2015 and quickly became a hit because of its compelling story and plot twists. Other stars featured in the series include Dawn Thandeka King, Masoja Msiza, Gugu Gumede, and Nompilo Maphumulo.

He also played Thabiso on Mzansi magic’s The Queen. He is one of the most reviled characters on the show since he raped his girlfriend after refusing to marry him. Other Joe Kazadi series and movies include: A Crime Uncovered (M-Net documentary) Strike Back 3- acted the role of Lieutenant Joe Jacobs Cross- acted the role of Heavy Intersexions (SABC 1 series) Generations Ekasi Our Stories.

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