James Sithole Biography

Scandal introduced a unique role that will shake up the show’s storyline. Mdala is a gangster who was sentenced because of Nhlamulo’s deal with the police. For now, it seems that Mdala is unaware that Nhlamulo was the one who sold him out to the police but still, the way he looks at Nhlamulo’s wife Lindiwe looks is a bit sinister.

The character Mdala offered Lindiwe a managerial job in his club as he’s planning on expanding, and we’re yet to see the motive behind the move. The character Nhlamulo is uncertain about the job offer, and a professional association with Mdala as he also offered Nhlamulo an illegal side gig for money Nhlamulo could use to reopen his programming school.

Nhlamulo’s baby mama Vuvu, on the other hand, has been appearing on the most recent episodes, and Mdala’s presence and work relations with Lindiwe could push Vuvu back into Nhlamulo’s arms which could stain the marriage of Nhlamulo and Lindiwe. More drama could unfold if Mdala finds out about Nhlamulo’s betrayal, and Lindiwe’s life could be in danger, seeing how dangerous Mdala is said to be.

Early Life

James Sithole plays the character Mdala. James was born and raised in KwaMhlanga, a town situated in the North-Western corner of the royal Mpumalanga Province. After his schooling, he moved to Mamelodi in Pretoria zone 12. He began joining his passion for acting, producing, writing and directing.

He is nicknamed The Prof by his industry. He has experience in theatre production and directing. He’s also stated in the theatre production The Tragedy Of Samuel Omunye, written by the iconic writer, poet, artist, and performer Masai Sepuru. The show was performed at the Breytenbach Theatre and left quite an impression.

James Sithole’s fans

Since the actor’s debut on ordinary television Scandal on eTv, he was commended as one of the country’s first fluent IsiNdebele speaking actors. He’s received congratulations from all over the country. His acting skills have also left quite the impression amongst viewers.

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