Jacob Zuma And His Daughter, Duduzile Zuma Dazzle at The Coronation of Zulu King

Jacob Zuma and his daughter, Duduzile Zuma dazzled today at the coronation of the revered Zulu king as they were seen rocking their Zulu traditional attires. Zuma’s Daughter who shared their pictures at the event wrote, “We Came. We saw. We Coronate.

Proud Zulu’s…Proud Zuma’s…”. Duduzile had earlier revealed that she was fully prepared to attend the event. She wrote this morning, “When You Wake Up And You Are A Zulu In KwaZulu Natal And It’s The Zulu King’s Coronation”. ManyA people had lambasted Duduzile Zuma for earlier saying that the king is a liability. Another person urged her to always stick by her words instead of changing like a chameleon. One person wrote, “When did you accept him as a King? Because you were disputing him at the beginning? You and your skelm ANC Zuma clan are an embarrassment to the Zulu nation and King”.

Jacob Zuma and his daughter were everywhere during the coronation of the highly revered Zulu king. Jacob Zuma personally was posted by the South Africa Government official Twitter account as they personally welcomed him to the event. The event which was attended by various dignitaries was a gathering of who and who. Someone posted on her timeline, “You have no other choice but to console each other, Shem. You’re an opportunistic, trying so hard to stay relevant by using your father’s fame. Firstly, it was Duduzane, sadly the plan of trying to make him a president drastically failed”.

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