Is this the end of Lehasa and Pretty?Here is what is coming on monday

Skeem Saam is Mzansi’s most educational drama series directed by Winnie Serite. Not only does it showcase real-life issues faced by young people from different backgrounds, but it also teaches about life, morality, human behavior, relationships, education, and its implications, also parenting.

Skeem Saam was originally based on the lives of three teenage boys, it showcased their struggles and triumphs as they approached adulthood. Even now, the storyline has not changed, the only transition is that it includes people from different backgrounds and circumstances in order to educate, illuminate and ignite conversations surrounding the lives of young people in general society.

Is this the end of Lehasa and Pretty?

One of the latest storylines is that of Lehasa and Pretty. Portrayed by Cedric Fourie and Lerato Marabe.

Their storyline is on parenting and romantic relationships. After several problems Pretty had with her mother (MaNtuli) regarding pursuing a relationship with Lehasa, she still decided to go against what her family told her and moved in with Lehasa, leaving her birth village (Turfloop) for Johannesburg.

However, just as her mother warned her, this relationship is not healthy and its dynamic is not decent.

Pretty left her law studies to go stay with Lehasa who has an obsessed baby mama (Khwezi). Khwezi is a very ambitious character, she will go out of her way to get what she wants (Lehasa).

As the two love birds have stayed together for some time, Lehasa is seemingly losing interest. He decides that Pretty must go to a hotel room for some days so that they can take a break from each other.

Now, Lehasa is a well-renowned businessman whose type is a strong mature woman. Unfortunately, Pretty is younger than him and still very fragile in live, she is not yet as mature. So, they may break up very soon, particularly because of this.

Next on Skeem Saam This Week

Monday 10 October 2022
Episode 71

Pretty is ready for a good time with her beau but is instead met by her worst nightmare. Who will take the crown between Lewatle and Ntswaki? Letetswe’s bravery is repaid with much disappointment.

Tuesday 11 October 2022
Episode 72

Lehasa is forced to choose between the love of his life and his freedom. Mosebjadi is left with some serious food for thought after Principal Magongwa gives her a talking to. Elizabeth encounters a dreamy, new young man at the hospital.

Wednesday 12 October 2022
Episode 73

Khwezi tries to play the seduction card but fails dismally. Mr Kgomo puts a certain Turf employee in their place. MaNtuli throws Kwaito an ultimatum about his career.

Thursday 13 October 2022
Episode 74

With the trial looming, Lehasa fears it is the end for him. The literacy project has Kwaito all fired up. Something is off about Dr Thobakgale’s new patient.

Friday 14 October 2022
Episode 75

Lehasa’s looming trial wreaks havoc in his personal life. Kwaito is at a loss for words when Marothi changes his mind. Luc’s flirtatious ways land Melita in trouble.

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