Interesting Things You Should Know About Lunathi Mampofu From The River

 Lunathi Mampofu’s Emma is the new girl on the block and has become a winner with fans of The River. She’s come on to the scene and has got Lawrence Maleka’s Zolani acting like a lovesick brat.

However, Sindi Dlathu’s Lindiwe is convinced that she’s a scam and only after Zolani’s money. She’s tried all she can to get her to leave, even going as far as offering her money, but Emma isn’t going anywhere and aims to stay. Not so long ago, she and Zolani impulsively tied the knot to Lindiwe’s disapproval.

Check out five interesting facts about her:

The Mampofu Twins
In case you didn’t know, the actress is the big sister of the famous Mampofu twins Oros and Prince Mampofu.

Emma, or in this cased Lunathi, used to be sing opera and gospel, she’s even gone overseas with her singing

She’s A Designer
Mampofu is a designer and designs some of the clothes she wears.

She Is Married and It’s Legit
The actress is married and different from her character it is legit. She and her husband Dylan revealed in an interview with Top Billing that they met at  restaurant. The couple is also fixated with food.

She’s Obsessed With Fitness
Lunathi goes to the gym about six to seven days a week. Talk about staying in shape.

The River’s production recently came to a stop after a cast member tested positive for Covid19. All the cast members are currently under quarantine while the set is being disinfected. A great deal of support has also been shown to the affected cast member.

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