Inside Basestana And Romeo Kumalo’s R25 Million Palace

Basetsana Julia “Bassie” Kumalo is a South African television personality, beauty pageant titleholder, businesswoman, and philanthropist. Her career began in 1990 when she has crowned Miss Soweto and Miss Black South Africa at the age of 16.

Inside Basestana And Romeo Kumalo’s R25 Million PalaceThere’s something wonderful about coming home again that makes you feel even better than you did when you left. Wherever you call home, that’s where your heart will always be.

South African TV personality, businesswoman, and philanthropist Basetsana Julia “Bassie” Kumalo is a beauty pageant winner.

In 1990, at the age of 16, Basetsana began her professional career after being named Miss Soweto and Miss Black South Africa. In the same year that she has crowned Miss South Africa, she placed second in the Miss World pageant.

She started dating Romeo Kumalo, a businessman, and investor, in 1997, and the two were married in 2000. They’ve already got three kids!

This gorgeous home in Midrand’s Saddlebrook Estate is where the family has made their home (Johannesburg).

They spent two years and R25 million creating their dream home.

As you approach the main part of the house, you’ll find yourself in this grand foyer with two luxurious staircases leading up to the upper floors.

Basetsana’s Instagram proves that this is one of her favorite rooms in the house, as she frequently posts images taken there.

Living quarters

Because of the five living rooms and two dining rooms, the family will never feel cramped here.

In the dining room, there are places for 11 diners.

Romeo hosts his friends for a cigar and scotch tasting in the wine cellar.

Room for eating:

A beautiful island serves as the focal point of the spacious kitchen.


There are five bedrooms in the house. The master suite has a huge balcony with views of the beautifully landscaped yard in addition to two dressing rooms, a salon, and a parlor with a bar.

When it comes to opulence, this is it at its highest point. The bathroom itself is as spacious as some studio apartments.

exiting into the open air. The home has an incredible outside dining and lounging area adjacent to the huge pool.

The property also features a second house that serves as a gym and office space.

The property is protected by state-of-the-art biometric access control technology that uses fingerprint recognition and is operational 24/7.

The Kumalos have received positive feedback from both estate management and their neighbors.

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