In Pictures: Male South African Celebs Who Have Been In Prison

Sometimes we view celebrities as perfect people who make no mistakes due to us favoring them. Sometimes we love a person’s music so much that we assume their personality reflects their sound. Sometimes we love an actor so much that their acting seems like they are exactly the character they portray.

Not any of this is true. Our favorite entertainers are human beings like us. Some of them are reasonable people, and some of them have faulty characters. Here is a list of Mzansi male celebrities who have been in prison and why.


Kwaito star, popularly known as Brickz, whose real name is Sipho Ndlovu, is in prison at this present moment. He got arrested after being found guilty of raping his 17-year-old niece in his home. Months after he got arrested, Brickz performed at a music festival. Mzansi was mad, and he was never seen outside the prison during his sentence. Last year a video of him singing with his fellow prisoners in jail surfaced online.

Jub Jub

The rapper and Uyajola9/9 presenter was in prison for culpable homicide after killing four school pupils. It was later discovered that the Ndikhokhele rapper was highly drunk at the accident. He and another driver sped near a school, and four children passed away. Some of the children were left permanently brain-damaged.

Jub Jub was released on parole and started presenting the show Uyajola on 9/9. In 2021 he was accused of raping four women in his past, including the actress Amanda du-Pont.


The Nomvula hitmaker Nathi Mankayi broke into the music scene after being a free man from prison. Nathi was always open in speaking about his prison days. Nathi was very poor in his youth, so he turned to stealing for survival. One day he was unfortunate, and he got arrested. He got arrested for a robbery related crime.

Israel Zulu

Gomora actor Israel Matseke Zulu used to be a gangster in his youth. He was imprisoned for various crimes, which mainly were robbery related. He decided to follow his passion and leave crime. Fortunately for him, the acting industry opened its arms up for him.

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