In Pictures: Durban Gen actress Thuli Dlamuka ‘Owami’s business empire gets Mzansi talking

In Pictures: Durban Gen actress Thuli Dlamuka ‘Owami’s business empire gets Mzansi talking

This week Durban Gen had an interesting fake patient who was part of Calvin and Bhengu’s scheme. Fana asked for Calvin’s favour to test his wives and see who loves him, and they came up with a fake accident plan. The two brought Dr Bhengu into their strategy and got Fana a bed in a not official ward. His youngest wife is called Owami, and she is nicknamed the slay queen by the two medical professionals.

Owami’s role is played by Thuli Dlamuka, a rising actress in the acting industry and slaying it big time. The actress is making her rise on her own by posting her skits on YouTube. Her channel already has over 12 million views as people like her acting and content as a creator. Her Instagram account is full of her video skits, and she shares the same short videos she shares with her fans on YouTube.

Thuli Dlamuka in Durban Gen

On the side, Thuli is also a businesswoman as she runs a hair business when she is not busy being an actress. Earlier this year, she started her new company called Slay Slay Hair, where she sells 100% human hair. The business is growing, and she is getting customers through her influence and many followers on her Instagram.

Thuli Dlamuka

According to her page on Instagram, the actress is already living a life like an A-lister with the fancy trips she takes. She is sometimes photographed at fancy wineries or on fun trips having fun. She is also already switching up fancy wheels to drive and living her best life yet. The future looks bright for the young actress, and soon she may be winning awards and rubbing shoulders with the most famous actors in the industry.



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