Imbewu Actress Sebenzile Biography

Mabusi Shezi is a renowned South African singer and actress currently playing Sebenzile on Imbewu. Taking soapville by storm, she suddenly becomes a fan favourite for the Imbewu family as she plays Sebenzile. She has already made her mark in the music scene and here she is again to make a statement in the acting game.

Imbewu Sebenzile Age

She is forever and a day serving face giving us the late 20s vibes. It’s no joke that black doesn’t clap. The actress celebrates her birthdays on the 1st of September and she is 35 years of age.

Sebenzile Boyfriend

The actress kept her life love very private. Her boyfriend is currently unknown

Sebenzile Child

The actress is bless with one son. She love to show off her son on social media.

Sebenzile Career

Her holy voice touches many souls. The Joyous Celebration singer is also trying her magic in the acting scene and is achieving her debut role on Imbewu perfectly. She displays that energetic enthusiasm and we are here for it.

Sebenzile Music

The joyous celebration singer has made a couple of features and has dropped singles from 2018 through 2019 which include:

  1. I Wanna Thank You – 2019
  2. I’m in Love with You – 2018
  3. Qhubekela Ekujuleni – 2018
  4. Lord I’m Grateful – 2018

Sebenzile Role On Imbewu

Sebenzie is one bigmouth who is a ticking time bomb for her sister. Even if she is family to Priscilla, Sebenzile is always airing her family’s dirty laundry. She gossips about Ngcolosi’s murder and does not mind whose toes she is moving on by doing so. The unbothered character is one that Shezi performs so perfectly.

Sebenzile Car

She displays her swag, obstructing the view of a burning BMW 320d worth R649 253. Shezi surely has a good eye for wheels.

Sebenzile Net Worth

Her singing career is at its top and she has collected a huge following as much as she has done her wealth. With the money coming in from streams on Amazon and Apple music, the singer is in her section. Her newly found position seems to be paying off as Imbewu fans have been none but open. With all this going on, she is worth $150 000 and it’s just the beginning.








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