Here is why twitter thinks MaYeni is emotionally damaged because of Polygamy

Uthando Nesthembu season 6 is only on the third episode and in these episodes, we are already seeing the drama of the Mseleku household unfold. From seeing Musa asking MaNgwabe to make sacrifices for her, to MaYeni threatening to leave if Musa Mseleku takes the fifth wife.

People have now noticed something that is going on with MaYeni. They think that she is not happy in her marriage and she is an example of why Isithembu (polygamy) is emotionally damaging for women.“MaYeni is a perfect example of why Isithembu is so emotionally damaging for women. The girl is really hurting”, wrote MissKza.

Because of this comment, people on Twitter decided to also give their own views on what they think about MaYeni being in a polygamous marriage, and some agree that polygamy is not working so well for MaYeni.

“I totally agree, ngineskhwele kakhulu (i am too jealous) for this setup…watching the man you chose and gave your heart to constantly choosing other women and not entirely giving himself to you as you are to him”, wrote Bubbles.“She is always crying nje lona why she married this polygamist if she was not strong she should have stuck to her family’s rules, now we have to feel sorry for her, this thing is not for her, she is very sensitive udinga (she needs) her own man”, wrote Patie Makhoba.

While some kept thinking that polygamy is the reason why MaYeni is hurting, some thought that it is her husband Musa Mseleku who is also playing a role.

“I doubt Isithembu is the problem to her, but something about Mseleku and Mbali’s relationship is what hurts her more than anything…she seems to be more hurt by that than being the second wife”, wrote Shezi.

It seems like people are divided between if Isithembu is the reason why MaYeni seems hurt and damaged, or if it is because of Musa Mseleku’s relationship with Mbali. In my opinion, I think MaYeni is just an emotional person, we saw the way that she cried in the recent episode. Do you think MaYeni is indeed damaged because of polygamy?


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