Here Is Samukele Mkhize Biography: Age, Net Worth, Body, Isibaya, Boyfriend

Here Is Samukele Mkhize Biography: Age, Net Worth, Body, Isibaya, Boyfriend

Samukele Mkhize (born in 13 April 1900s) is a South African actress. She gained prominence for playing the role of a naïve village girl called Mabuyi in the television show Isibaya.

The young, beautiful, and talented actress has drawn the attention of many television viewers who sit earnestly behind the screen to watch her.

Samukele Mkhize (@mkhize_samukele) / Twitter

Background Information

Full Name:                                    Samukele Mkhize

Born:                                            13 April 1990s (age 30s)

Place of Birth:                                Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Nationality:                                    South African

Height:                                          N/A

Parents:                                         N/A

Siblings:                                         N/A

Husband • Spouse:                          N/A

Ethnicty:                                         Black

Years Active:                                   2018-date

Occupation:                                     Actress • Singer

Profile:                                            Instagram

Net Worth:                                       $500,000

Early Life

Samukele Mkhize (@mkhize_samukele) / Twitter

Samukele Mkhize was born in Durban at King Edward Hospital. She had her childhood experience in Maphophoma, a village in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Her family has a strong background in Christianity which inculcated her with disciplines.

Her grandfather and grandmother served as pastors and participated in church activities. Most times, her family receives people who sought God or were sick to their homes.

In her family, they had daily church services of at least three. Though she and her brother had to skip one per day on weekdays to attend school. As a young child, Samukele Mkhize was quiet and shy but very observant and also respectful and also performed well in sports.

Her family has always shown her support and as a go-getter, she has achieved the goals she set for herself.


In 2006, Samukele Mkhize was part of a group in KwaMashu, KwaZulu Natal. The group was about dancing, drama, and music, there she met Mr. Edmund Mhlongo.

The Artistic Director of the community Art Centre began to groom her after he believed that she had potential. After two years passed, in 2018, she got a role in one of his musicals, Madame President Musical.

She played her first lead role in the entertainment industry. To recognize her amazing role she was nominated twice; Mercury Durban Theatre Awards for Best Newcomer and Best lead actress in a Musical. She played the role of Madame President. In an interview session with News24, she shared that she would be a musician.

Mabuyi on Isibaya

Isibaya's Mabuyi shows off her dance moves | Drum

After paying a visit to her friend, she heard about the auditions that were ongoing in Durban. The audition was for the series The Road, she had to return to Durban the next morning to take part.

She appeared among other hopefuls and performed well but couldn’t make it to the final cast. After a few months of waiting she received a phone call from the casting director for Bomb Productions.

Kutlwano Ditsele told her on the phone that there was a role they thought was perfect for her. That was how she landed the role of Mabuyi on Isibaya.

Social Media

Isibaya 2 – 6 April | W24

The actress is active on several social media platforms and shares several updates about her hobbies, lifestyle, and work. She has continued to make her followers happy with her choice of videos and picture updates.


Samukele Mkhize body

Many actresses flood the entertainment industry daily but only a few got that hot body. Samukele Mkhize is among the few South African actresses who could boast of a curvy shape.

She shares pictures online where she flaunts her body endowments. Her fans also appreciate her body and always leave a positive reply each time she shares a picture of her.


Next on what Samukele Mkhize loves to share on her profile are pictures of nature. The popular actress appreciates and loves nature and thereby shares pictures of the sea, animals, vegetation, etc.


The actress also values and respects the African culture she rocks dresses that promotes it. She has appeared severally unique.

In December 2018, she was there to celebrate the beautiful matrimonial ceremony of Zakhele Mbasa and his wife Karabo.She appeared in a gorgeous African-inspired gown.

Motivation speaking

She also takes her motivation speaking to the social media and no doubt. She periodically drops quotes by renowned personalities in picture format in white background.

Net worth

Samukele Mkhize might end up losing her | South African News

The actress has earned a lot of money through her years in the entertainment industry. She has been estimated to have a net worth of $500,000.

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