Here Is How Making Fake Iphones Allegedly Ended In Tears For 2 Chinese National

Now that we dwelling in times whereby we can all see that food and gadgets are being cloned and those cloning food usually being the Pakistani guys, Somalians, and other spaza shops owners have you ever wondered who is behind the cloning of gadgets since the Indians don’t seem to be huge fans of such?

Well according to what has been allegedly found in Mozambique earlier today it seems like it is the Chinese who are behind the cloning of these phones which even makes sense if you should look at all this from a view that a lot of them are technically literate people, I mean according to my source:

Police received a tip-off of a certain store making fake iPhones and they went to raid that store things went this way

It is alleged that about 1165 iPhones were confiscated at this place and 2 Chinese nationals were arrested for the production of the fake iPhones, So now with all this being this way have a look at what various people have come online and said about all this especially looking at all this from a perspective that Chinese never get caught up in such criminal cases,

Read the comments in the screenshots attached below, please

So now with all this being said and things being the way they are what’s your take on all this? I mean we hardly hear of such cases right, So now that it has surfaced and others have said all that they have said as seen in the screenshots attached above what’s your take on all this looking at it from your very own perspective as a reader?

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