Heartbreaking || This School Must Be Sued, See What Happened In This Photo that Caused a Stir

Heartbreaking || This School Must Be Sued, See What Happened In This Photo that Caused a Stir.

One characteristic of black parents is that they consistently fail their children while blaming the government. There are parents that provide no care for their children, leaving everything to the government. If you visit a school, you will be startled to learn that some children who get social grants do not even have adequate school clothes. Some children do not even receive a lunchbox from home, as their parents abandon them and leave everything to the government.

Regarding this, another current topic involves parents who want a school to be sued after photographs of children enjoying pizza in the classroom while kids whose parents did not contribute were not trending on social media. Parents want to sue the school because they observed that some children were depressed since some were eating while others were not. Teachers at the Ramalema Junior Primary School in LenyenyaUganda, have been accused of promoting segregation and being prejudiced. Due to the fact that the school organized a market day for the pupils and forced the parents to contribute fifty rands (R50) for ice cream, pizza, and 330-ml soda bottles, this has occurred. Unfortunately, several parents were unable to pay the requisite amount of money, resulting in the exclusion of their children from the food distribution procedure. On the day of the event, photographs of students holding pizza boxes aloft were taken and shared throughout social media sites, while those who did not donate displayed disappointed emotions.

The images provoked anger, prompting the Congress of South African Students (COSAS) to respond. The secretary for the Sandra Baloyi region, Jack Mawasha, released a statement in which he denounced the photo and urged that the photographer be punished. The publication contacted the Department of Education’s spokesperson, Mike Maringa, who indicated that there is nothing odd about the photo and that no statement will be released as a result.

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