Good News to SA: Thousands of illegal Zimbabweans are returning home because of this

Good News to SA: Thousands of Zimbabweans are returning home because of this. The economy of south Africa has been dwindling for many years. As a result many South Africa has now taken matters into their own hands to evict illegal foreigners in the country. Zimbabweans form the majority of people who moved to south Africa without proper documentation.

Thousands of Zimbabweans returning home from South Africa after failing to get their ZEPs updated will now be able to bring back all of their stuff duty-free, including one vehicle.” According to Monica Mutsvangwa, this is only one of the many initiatives that the government has put in place to welcome back its citizens.



Enough is enough, they must go back to their fathers land and rebuild their economic. They shouldn’t stay here and be commiting crimes.

This happens after a lot of frustrations by South Africans who are battling with crime and unemployment in the country. South Africa has begun the process of removing illegal foreigners to help revive the economy.

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