Gomora Actor’s Age Shocks Mzansi: Here Is Thulani Mtsweni Biography

Gomora Actor’s Age Shocks Mzansi: Here Is Thulani Mtsweni Biography

Thulani Mtsweni is a South African actor popular for his role as Sibiya on Isidingo and currently playing on Gomora. Joining the industry is one bumpy roller coaster ride for the actor and he lives to tell the tale. As he is becoming a fan favourite, let’s find out what tickles him fancy. Get To Know Thulani Mtsweni Biography (Age, Career, Pictures, TV Roles, Net Worth, Gomora).

How Thulani Mtsweni, an Isibaya actor, rose to fame in a short time


Thulani Mtsweni place of birth is South Africa, but the public is not aware of Thulani Mtsweni date of birth. How old is Thulani Mtsweni? Thulani Mtsweni real age is around forty years. Thulani Mtsweni’s age is 52 years previous as of Might 2021.He was born within the 12 months 1968 and used to have a good time his birthday on thirty first July.


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Mtsweni has been in the entertainment industry for a short time, he has thousands of fans. He came to the limelight when he acted as Sibiya on SABC 3’s series named Isidingo. Sibaya was a vibrant youngster who always found himself in trouble.

In a bid to perfect his craft, he works with student producers so as to gain exposure. He goes on to join theatre and it was when he is here that he lands his role Sibiya on Isidingo.

Thulani Mtsweni is known for his role on iNumber Number, most remember his character as Sibiya on Isidingo. Playing a tongue in cheek miner who is always stirring up trouble, he keeps viewers glued to their screens.

Net Worth

Bongani marks his territory – Gomora | Mzansi Magic | S2 | Ep33 - YouTube

The rising star has managed to gather enough wealth for herself over the year. As an actor still finding his place in the industry the actor makes money from his acting roles in local drama series and theatre performances. These earnings amass to $50 000 and more opportunities are headed his way.

“I have been working and opportunities are coming. I can’t speak about many of them now but I am excited to flex my acting muscles in the future,” he says.

TV Roles

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He performed in theatres and several prominent South African drama series like iNumber Number (2017) before landing the Rhythm City’s role.

He found a life-changing opportunity on Isidingo later. Thulani is acting Isibaya for a second time after performing a guest role, Godfrey, on season 2 in 2014/15. He has brought a unique sense of humour to the show after leaving Gomora. And now he is currently portraying the role of Bongani on Gomora.

Social Media

Social media has played a critical role in making him more famous. His Instagram page has over 49K followers.

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