Get To Know Khutjo Green ‘Naledi’ From House of Zwide In Real-Life

Khutjo Green’s role on House of Zwide has been havoc on the Molapos and Isaac’s relationship with his daughter. Naledi, who appeared 20 years later and told everyone that she was Isaac’s ex, opened a can of worms that could not be closed. The timeline when they claimed to have dated suited the timeline Isaac had claimed to date Ona’s biological mother in his fake tale of events.

When a worried Rea meets Naledi in the streets, she confronts her and asks if she was Ona’s biological mother. That is when Naledi gets an idea to try and get more money from Isaac. She returns to the Molapos and lies that she is Ona’s biological mother, a lie only Isaac and Molefe know. Since Isaac cannot tell the absolute truth about Ona’s identity, he is tempted to lie again.

All these lies seem to work to Naledi’s advantage, which only wants money from the man. However, Ona has her heart broken, and she cannot understand how her father doesn’t want her to know her biological mother. Naledi can only fake concern for the younger girl, so she gets her way.

In real life, Khutjo Green, who plays Naledi, is a queen in the theatre world where he usually works. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of her other works in theatre productions. She has rubbed shoulders with many famous faces and names in that world. She is a known face in the art world as she runs a company called Green life shots. Her art focuses on photography, images and many more.

Besides her successful career as a theatre performer, she also has a successful television career. Khutjo has appeared in Broken Vows, Lithapo, Skeem Saam, The Estate and many more serials.

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