Get To Know Jub Jub In Real Life (Biography)

Get To Know Jub Jub In Real Life (Biography)

Jub Jub is a South African hip hop artist who worked his way up the titles but had his career cut short over an accident that claimed the lives of four children .He served his term and returned to society a changed man with a committed mind of growing his brand.

Jub Jub landed a role on being the host of MojaLove reality show Uyajola9/9 and he captured the hearts of many. He has the streets taking almost every week because of his hosting skills. Though the show has landed the personality a few haters, Jub Jub, however, has no time for those hating on him as he is hard at work exposing cheaters.


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Jub Jub was born on the 29th of June in 1980. He is now 39 years old, turning 40 years later this month. The star was born and raised in Soweto, Orlando East. He was raised by both his parents in a family of five. His real name is Molemo Maarohanye.

Jub Jub Education

After finishing his Primary Studies, Jub Jub got a scholarship to go study in the United States. Jub Jub was fortunate to score a scholarship and attended La Guardia High School for Performing Arts in New York, Manhattan.

Jub Jub Career


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Jub Jub was the first South African to get a scholarship at the popular FAME school, La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts. The school is located in NewYork, Manhattan, where he finished high school.

Jub Jub had a passion for the entertainment business ever since he was young. He was also equally stimulated to pursue his passion to the end. At some point in time, the star took a 7-year break from public life to look into his life, therefore resulting in what we know him for today.



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Jub Jub had his entrance album in 2006 when he released The Rare Breed that had a good market reception through the country. In his album, he had the hit song, Good Time Of Your Time which saw it gaining more publicity and it was aired on television musical channels. The song maxim Jub Jub being invited to sing it at the 2006 Metro FM Music Awards.

Jub Jub released his second studio, My Shine in 2007, which grew his fan vile exponentially and had the song Ndikhokhele crash hit that got everyone hooked to it. Ndikhokhele was a team work between Jub Jub and the Jaziel Brothers, a gospel song that united musicians from different compasses and types. It is a song with Hip Hop basics and also a different section to the approach of gospel music.

Jub Jub was already in the spotlight, had him become one of the most wreathed gospel rappers in the country. The song Ndikhokhele was nominated for multiple music awards. It was nominated for the 2008 SAMA Awards for Best Hip Hop category and the Song of the Year category. It was also nominated for the Metro FM Music Awards for Song of the Year in 2008.

Jub Jub was detailed to have sold 150 000 copies (X5 Platinum). In 2009, he launched his record label, Rare Breed Entertainment where he worked closely with Sheer Music. In his musical journey, Jub Jub has work together with different award-winning artists that included Thembisile Ntaka, RJ Benjamin, Lungelo, BonezittoAmu, Zwai Bala, and Guffy Pilane.

Jub Jub had the opportunity to release his first single, after prison, Ke Kopa Tshwarelo (Please forgive me) in 2017. He then released the video for the single in 2020. During an interview, Jub Jub even revealed that he was a changed man.

Jub Jub And Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo and her ex-boyfriend Jub Jub wish their Son a happy Birthday on different days -

Before his sentence, Jub Jub was in a relationship with Kelly Khumalo in 2010.The two were blessed with a son, Christian. Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo had a stormy, which ended when Kelly Khumalo made claims that Jub Jub had been physically and emotionally abusing her. Kelly made it clear that she does not need Jub Jub’s help to raise their son and she wants nothing to do with him.

Jub Jub And Amanda du Pont

Jub Jub Tried to Kill Me': Amanda Du-Pont Shares Emotional Video Alleging She Was Abused ▷ South Africa news |

Mr Jub was in a relationship with different girls before going to jail. He had a relationship with actress Amanda du Pont.

Molemo Maarohanye states that he and Amanda dated for three years and the started lining in South Africa. But news about his relationship with Kelly made Amanda break up with him.

Jub Jub Recent Controversy & Amanda du’s Allegations


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Jub Jub has appeared last week in an interview with the channel O show podcast and Chill with MacG. During the podcast, the rapper had talked about his jail life and relationship openly with the listeners of the podcast.

In his podcast, Jub Jub has stated about his relationship with Amanda du Pont which has forced Jub Jub to fall into a controversy after he got feedback from Amanda on this.

Amanda implemented rape allegations on Jub Jub and cleared that he did not love her but raped her for two years. Amanda created all this news by posting a post on her Instagram.


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Jub Jub Wife

 Jub Jub marriage to a secretive woman. In a recent publication by all4women, Jub Jub confirmed his marriage to a secretive woman. He positively pointed out that he is a married man, but was not ready to open up about the woman.

When asked why he said that he did not want to expose his woman and their affair to the public because his wife is a private person.

TV – Uyajola 9/9


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Jub Jub is the mastermind behind the new show which is getting more viewers each time it airs, Uyajola 9/9, as it seeks to expose unfaithfulness. It is the South African version of Cheaterswhich features different dramatic exposes of cheating moments.

In his first official interview after he was released from prison, Jub Jub mentioned that he was working on a show which will be the first of its kind in the country.

“ I am very proud to be pioneering a show that is a very first of its kind in Mzansi. There is no doubt that cheating and infidelity are social ills that are wreaking havoc in South African communities. Therefore, my quest with this show is to shed light on the impact infidelity has on all affected individuals. As you can imagine doing a show like this takes a lot of courage as you are dealing with people’s lives and their pain on a daily basis. I’m telling you it’s not for the faint-hearted”.

Jub Jub believes that through the show, he will be assisting South Africans who need answers and learning if they are being cheated on. “I am a firm believer that once people have answers they are able to make informed decisions about themselves and their relationships moving forward.”

Jub Jub’s presenting skills have been celebrated for growing the channel and the program to being what it is today.  Even celebrities have weigh up in and praised Jub Jub for being daring with the different cases that he handles on the show.

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