Get To Know Dakalo Molope ‘Mo’ From Scandal In Real Life

Dakalo Molope was introduced to Scandal, playing the role of Mo, a university student who was looking for residences. She then found a room with Lindiwe and Nhlamulo, all thanks to Cee Jay, who has a crush on her and offered her the room.

However, Mo showed signs that she is a troubled kid, but she would not open up to anyone about her life and what she did for a living.However, she had an obsession with wanting to speak to Dintle, which was beginning to make her look like a stalker in viewers’ eyes. When she was invited as a guest on Izigigaba, she wanted to do a tell it all on her parents and growing up with mothers who did not want her.

When Mo gives the shocking revelation that she is the child Dintle gave up for adoption 14 years ago, which gives Dintle the shock of her life. Dakalo, the actress behind Mo’s character, lives in Johannesburg with her family, whom she shared on her Instagram page. Not much is known about her parents, but her followers have seen her mom and her younger sister in the vacation pictures she shared on her page.

She celebrates her birthday every year on the 14th of January. However, her age is not yet known by the public, but we know she plays a 14year old on Scandal, and she looks that age. Molope is attending school at the National School of Arts, where she studies arts and drama related studies to pursue her passion.

Last year when she started at the National School of Arts, she played her debut role of Lebo in the Showmax movie Pearls of Wisdom on Mzansi Magic. The film was made with other students at her school, and she got to work with notable talent like Linda Sokhulu, and Sihle Hlope directed the movie.

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