Generations The Legacy Refilwe Madumo Biography

Refilwe Madumo is a South African actress currently playing Fikile on Generations The Legacy. The vivacious actress is always serving us energy vibes every time she appears on the small screen. She has a string of television roles tied to her name and is one actress that soapville can’t do without. Refilwe Madumo Biography (Age, Career, Children, Television Roles, Husband, Net worth) reveals more about the actress’ colorful life.

Profile Summary

Age: Unknown

Children: 2

Profession: Actress

Education and Qualifications: Tshwane University of Technology

Net worth: $350 000

Refilwe Madumo age

The actress has been in the game for a while now and everyone wonders how old she is. Well, women do not expose their age. Besides, age is just a number and we only care about the youthful looks she keeps on serving us.

 Refilwe Madumo career

She snatches the public attention with her role as Palesa, an HIV-positive character on Scandal! in the 90s. She wows masses and has been making strides since.

Refilwe Madumo Television Roles

  1. Generations (Fikile)
  2. Going Up (Buli)
  3. Huis van Liefde (Ruth)
  4. Inconceivable (Busi Nkosi)
  5. Iziso Connexion (Tsidi)
  6. Madam and Eve (Litha)
  7. Mamello (Dorah Mashego)
  8. Mazinyo dot Q (Thembi)
  9. Omen (Lizi)
  10. One Way (Sylvie)
  11. Rhythm City (Lufuno)
  12. Ring of Lies (Palesa)
  13. Scandal! (Palesa)
  14. Side Dish (Amanda)
  15. Society (Zanele)

Refilwe Madumo children

The actress is a mother of two and it remains unclear who her baby daddy is. The duo has to experience a gruesome act when their mother, Refilwe is almost raped on their watch.”My children who are now four and six were two weeks old and two years old respectively at the time a thug threatened to rape me in front of them. They had broken into my parents’ home. I was in the room and I managed to call the police before one of the men entered the room.

“He held up a gun and had me escort him around the house looking for valuables. He wanted guns; I told him we don’t keep guns in the house. He said if I don’t give him what he wanted he would rape me. Luckily the police arrived and arrested him. The man is now serving 50 years in prison,” Refilwe narrates.

Refilwe Madumo husband?

“But when I first met him, I was not really all that interested in him. After we had gone on a few dates together, I realized that he was meant for me and we’ve been together ever since then,” she says.


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