“Foreigners Are Not Our Problem” – Mzansi React After Residents Loot Shop In Front Of SAPS Officers

Foreigners Are Not Our Problem” – Mzansi Reacts After Residents Loot Shop In Front Of SAPS Officers.

Have you ever contemplated the reasons why people continue to engage in criminal behavior? Have you ever stopped to consider why South African individuals are breaking into establishments that are owned by other people? And last, have you ever stopped to consider why law enforcement officials in South Africa are not taking the required steps to put a stop to looting and other forms of criminal activity in that country? I have been perplexed as to why South Africa has been plagued by an increase in criminal activity over the past few years, given that they have one of the most capable land armies in all of Africa.

If you can think back to when the story of a young girl who was kidnapped, raped, and killed what’s trending on his platform, although the police have captured the killer, that is not enough to bring a dead person back to life. Recently, we have been experiencing many difficult times. Rape and killing have become something we hear about every day in the news.

Today, another upsetting video is going viral on the internet. In the video, which was uploaded by a number of reliable sources and shared by others, you can observe people in the province robbing shops while the police stand by and watch, but they do nothing to stop the looters from wasting the money and effort of others.

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After hearing this news, a lot of people had different reactions. Some of them said that the police should be held responsible for the loss, while other people thought that this is exactly how they leave criminals because of bribes.

Opinion: I believe that the police should be held accountable for this inappropriate behavior. Imagine if any of the police members had been targeted by the goes we belong games; would they have left the residence to rob the stores without taking any action? I believe that they should be reported to the officers who are on duty and harshly disciplined for their inappropriate behavior.

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